STP-EPA-0094 - 926,645 Acres - Goshawk 100%

Goshawk Energy was awarded the 2012 release area STP-EPA-0094 in the hignly prospective Canning Basin.

STP-EPA-0094 covers approximately 3,750 km2 or 926,645 acres of the Canning Basin and provides exposure to multiple conventional and unconventional plays.
Geologically the block stretches from the Jurgurra Terrace in the south, through the Fitzroy Tough to the Pender Terrace in the north.
STP-EPA-0094 is located on trend from the Ungani oil and Yullero gas discoveries.
The block provides material exposure to conventional and unconventional oil and gas through the Grant, Anderson, Devonian and  Laurel Formations.