STP-EPA-0126 - 385,000 Acres - Goshawk 100%

Goshawk Energy conducted an airborne surveys over the licence area in the first half of 2013.

STP-EPA-0126 covers 1,558 km2 or 385,000 acres of the Fitzroy Trough and provides exposure to multiple conventional and unconventional plays, including:
  • Conventional Gas – Devonian Carbonate reservoirs sourced from the Ordovician Goldwyer shale
  • Unconventional Gas and Condensate – Laurel shale formations, similar to the Three Forks play of the Bakken Formation in the Williston Basin, USA
The licence is under explored with only 1 well deep well drilled by WAPET in 1956 (Fraser River 1 – 3,091 metres) and 120km of 2D seismic acquired between the 1950’s and 1980’s.
The licence is well located in close proximity to both infrastructure and existing discoveries:
  • 35 km north of Yulleroo discovery which contains an estimated 332 Bcf of recoverable gas and 13.4 million barrels of associated liquids in the Laurel Formation
  • 50km north of Ungani discovery which has potential reserves range of 8 to 20 million barrels in high quality dolomite reservoir in the Laurel Formation
  • 15 km north of the Great Northern Highway, 90 km west of Broome and 40 km east of Derby