STP-EPA-0121 - 218,000 Acres - Goshawk 100%

  • L12-1 is located offshore within the Barrow Sub-basin and Peedamullah Shelf, covering an area of 878 km. Five wells have previously been drilled in the area, being three stratigraphic wells in 1968/69 (Mary Anne 1, North Sandy 1 and Beagle 1) and two exploration wells (Crackling 1 in 1993 and Cracking South 1 in 2003).
  • The licence is located over the faulted eastern margin of the Barrow Sub-basin and Peedamullah Shelf Area. The Lower Cretaceous sandstones are the primary targets for both structural and stratigraphic traps in the area. The primary reservoir objective is the Early Cretaceous Birdrong Sandstone, and older potential reservoirs within the Permian and Triassic successions of the Peedamullah Shelf. Potentially these reservoirs can be charged from the Upper Jurassic and Lower Triassic source-beds on the west, and the Devonian and Permian source-beds on the east.
  • In Crackling 1 and Crackling South 1 exploration wells, very high porosities averaging 38% and permeabilities ranging from 900 to 1300 mD were found within the Birdrong Sandstone. Biodegraded residual oil of 30º API has been extracted from the tight, lower part of the Muderong Shale and Mardie Greensand.